Environmental Justice

The communities of Assembly District 63 are among the most disadvantaged in the nation, while breathing in some of the dirtiest air in the state of California.  The cities in this district are home to heavy industrial operations that directly harm the health of residents, including oil refineries, metal factories, battery recyclers, and a trucking thoroughfare from the Port of Long Beach.



The Los Angeles Times has reported in details some of the most tragic measures of public health in South Los Angeles:



“Diabetes rates are 44% higher than elsewhere in the county, hypertension rates are 24% higher, HIV/AIDS rates are 38% higher, and asthma rates are 11% higher. In South L.A., more people die of lung cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart disease than in any other place in L.A. County, according to government figures.  A whole generation of young people is being lost in South L.A. -- the infant mortality rate is 20% higher than the overall figure for the county, and for African Americans in South L.A., it is more than double the countywide figure.”



To make matters worse, South L.A. has the highest percentage of uninsured children and second-highest percentage of uninsured adults in all of Los Angeles County.  Maria will fight for SB 562 and single-payer healthcare in order to ensure that all residents of her district receive the high-quality healthcare that they deserve.  But that is not enough.  Maria will also fight to take on the polluters and industry that are directly contributing to the toxic environment that is threatening families and children throughout South Los Angeles.



The Need for Change



State regulators have little power to stop polluters.  Law enforcement agencies, including the California Attorney General and the Department of Justice, have shown little appetite for punishing polluters.  Speaker Rendon and the California legislature have refused to pass the tough regulations that are needed to stop pollution.



California needs to respond quickly and adequately to environmental crises that threaten our communities.  The state first began issuing citations to the Exide battery recycling plant as early as 1987.  The plant continued to operate until 2015, when it was finally shut down by federal regulators nearly 30 years later.  During that time, the state detected high levels of pollutants such as arsenic and lead being released into residential communities, yet failed to act.



More recently, serious threats to human health have been discovered in the city of Paramount, where over one hundred metal forges are in operations (including industrial giants Carlton Forge and Weber Metals).  Despite detecting deadly levels of hexavalent chromium and nickel in the environment in the city, California regulators have failed to take meaningful action.



Maria will fight to end the culture of policies that are deferential to industrial polluters that continue to poison our communities and threaten the lives of our children.  Speaker Rendon has supported symbolic measures that reduce pollution a few weeks at a time, or a few hours a day.  Speaker Rendon also supported legislation that passed on over $100 million in clean-up costs from Exide to state taxpayers, all while approving an underfunded clean-up plan that leaves residents in Bell and other communities exposed to unacceptably high levels of lead and other environmental toxins.



Maria will fight for legislation to hold polluters accountable, to stop industrial operations that pose major hazards to the community, to clean-up the dangers in our neighborhoods, and to transform and revitalize neighborhoods in Southeast L.A., without giving in to developers and gentrification.





Speaker Rendon has Failed the Community on Environmental Issues


Single Payer Healthcare

Support the Fight for Healthcare for All

Join us to tell Speaker Rendon to say NO to big-money lobbyists and YES to SB 562


In California, Anthony Rendon, not Donald Trump, is blocking your right to healthcare!


While Trump was attempting to take away our healthcare this summer, California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon killed SB 562, the Healthy California Act.  SB 562 would have started the process of creating a single-payer healthcare for all system in the State of California.


Why We Need SB 562


Everybody In, Nobody Out!


SB 562 would create the Healthy California program.  The program would be open for enrollment for all Californians, regardless of age, income, immigration status, or prior health conditions.


Less Money for Better Health Coverage


California currently spends $368.5 billion in public and private payments for healthcare.  Under the Healthy California Act, total spending would be reduced by nearly $40 billion - while guaranteeing coverage for everyone.  This savings is possible by eliminating administrative overhead and negotiating lower drug prices on behalf of the entire state.  The high price of healthcare is driven by lobbyists and multi-million dollar executive pay, not quality of care.  The United States is one of the only industrialized nations in the world without single-payer, and pays more for some of the worst healthcare.


We deserve better!


Complete Coverage with no Copays, Deductibles, or Referrals


Under SB 562, all Californians will be allowed to join the Healthy California program - without paying a premium or receiving a monthly bill for being enrolled!  The benefits of the Healthy California Act include preventative care, emergency care and transportation, pregnancy care, dental, vision, prescriptions, hospice, mental health care, substance abuse treatment, and more.


ALL healthcare providers will be eligible to enroll in the Healthy California Act, and members may see any provider - without a referral, copay, or deductible payment for services.


Protecting and Improving Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare/ Affordable Care Act


All Californians currently enrolled through Medicare, Medicaid, or an Obamacare / Affordable Care Act insurance program will be eligible to enroll in the Healthy California program - which will meet or exceed all coverage requirements.  Healthy California will build upon the Affordable Care Act.





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